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Mattos Designs

Strap It Mount

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This item is currently backordered. The estimated availability is Summer 2023. Please contact us for more information.

The Strap It Mount is a great have especially if you want to hang stuff from a poll.

From The Manufacturer: 

Mattos Design's Strap IT Mounts are designed to provide an easy and reliable way to mount your props.  Need to mount a prop to a telephone pole, a stairwell, or any surface you can fit a hose clamp around?  The Strap IT system uses a flared leg mounting bracket with passthrough slits to allow a hose clamp or zip tie to pass through.  This mounting plate features an 8mm threaded hole for attaching your prop, or use with the new Mattos Designs Push Mounts to quickly attach, remove, or quick-swap your props.  

Designed to work with Coroplast props up to 10mm thick.  Comes in a pack of 2.