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LaserCube WiFi (2.5W)

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The LaserCube Wifi 2.5w is a really great addition to your shows for a few reasons.  First, it's the easiest Lasers to get control of and do really meaningful laser shows thanks to LaserOS. 

Second, it's battery powered and can also run on AC power.  It's powerful both as a graphics/projection laser and for beam effects, liquid skies, etc.

From the Manufacturer:

The LaserCube WiFi by Wicked Lasers is a powerful, portable, and easy-to-use laser system designed with DJs, Musicians and Live Performers in mind. Stunning laser shows can be created in minutes using the free LaserOS software on any PC, Mac, Android or IOS* device. Experience endless creativity with built-in features like Visualizers, Effects, Abstracts, Animations, Beam Shows, Freehand Drawing, Custom Text, Clock Display, Games, Logo and Animation Import, and much more!

*IOS devices connect through WiFi only

From the GEAR Pro's:

The LaserCubes first caught our eye back in 2020, when one landed on our doorstep from the manufacturer directly.  At the time, it wasn't legal to use in the US, but they quickly found a partner in X-Laser to make the product compliant and support it in the US.

It quickly caught our attention as it is a powerful, multi-purpose laser effect.  It can do beam effects, liquid skies, and all of the "in the air" projections that you expect in a live music or church scenario.  

It can work well for bands, DJ's, production companies, churches, and more.  Part of it's strength is it allows you to do live music shows via Art-Net (DMX) to get those beam effects through the air in fog and haze, but then turn it around and use it for graphics projection in any space or event.  

When you have your stage covered pretty well with lighting and are looking for a little extra PUNCH, lasers can be a great option, and the LaserCube is a great way to start! 

In the Box:

  • (1) LaserCube WiFi (2.5W)
  • (1) Charging Cable / Power Adapter
  • (1) USB to Ethernet Adapter
  • (2) Keys
  • (1) Tripod & Ball
  • (1) Clamp Adapter
  • (1) Case
  • (1) Expander Kit
  • (1) Optics Kit
  • (1) EZ Variance
  • (1) E-Stop


  • Power: 2500mW
  • Beam Specs: 4.0mm / 1.0mRad
  • Scanners: 25k pps @ 8 deg, AT-25k Galvos
  • Diodes:
    • Blue 445nm / 1300mW
    • Green 520nm / 800mW
    • Red 635nm / 400mW
  • Modulation: 16.7 million colors, analog 33khz
  • Battery: 2-3 hours runtime 10000 mAh
  • Control Protocol: LaserOS, PC / Mac / Android / IOS(wifi only)
  • IP Grade: IP54