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Mattos Designs

III-Lok Gel Lok Connectors

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This item is currently backordered. The estimated availability is Summer 2023. Please contact us for more information.

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The III-Lok Gel Lok Connectors it very fantastic to have, especially when it's raining. They are waterproof after you have connected your wires inside one.

From The Manufacturer:

The Mattos Designs III-Lok Gel Lok Connector is the most convenient method for splicing or replacing LEDs on the market.  The Patented* design allows you to connect 3 wires on the input side and 3 wires on the output side all in one connector.  The days of using 3 connectors per splice are over!

To use, simply insert the wires you would like to connect (IE 2 or 3 ground wires, power wires, OR data wires) into the connector, and squeeze the button-down using pliers.  There is no need to strip the insulation on your wire.  Gel will be displaced to cover and seal any open ports and connections.

  • 20 Pack
  • 3 wires 
  • Gel filled to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Excellent for pixel replacement or adding Pigtails