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GT-290mm / 6 Way Cube Truss

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It's a corner block for GAMMA's 290mm truss.  It does what it's supposed to :)

All truss ships freight.  Contact for a personalized quote, the shopping cart's automatic rate will be high for most orders!

From the Manufacturer:

Our GT-290mm 6 Way Cube is a perfect corner/junction piece. Having the capability to connect 6 pieces of our 290mm truss. When purchased, it comes with 8 connectors which is enough for 2 sides of the 6 way cube. Additional connectors can be purchased in our “Accessories” section.

In the Box:

  • (1) GT-290mm / 6 Way Cube Truss
  • (8) Connectors ( 2 sets)
  • Conical Connector System
  • Pipe Diameter: 50mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2mm