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Froggy's Krazy Haze Fluid

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Froggys Fog Krazy Haze is designed for use in the Martin K-1 Hazers. A very fine veil of airborne canvas is produced exposing light beams with a moderate refraction rate. Krazy Haze is a premium water based haze fluid. It's formulated to produce a beautiful, translucent canvas of haze with a long hang time. Until you have tried Krazy Haze by Froggys Fog, your light beams will never looked this good. It's perfect for any venue or facility, it's 100% odorless, and is designed for Martin K-1 Hazers.


  • High Output, Long lasting, Remains clean, dry, and odorless
  • Designed For Martin K-1 Hazers
  • Ideal for mobile DJ's, Night Clubs, Laser Tag Arenas, and Lighting Enhancement Applications