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EZ Label Extensions 3 Wire Flat 5, 10, And 25 Foot

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The EZ Label Extensions 3 Wire Flat 5, 10, And 25 Foot

From The Manufacturer:

Tired of the hassle of making your own xConnect or Ray Wu extensions? Our extension cables provide the ease of use of these connectors, with the peace of mind of waterproof molded ends, and are available in sizes ranging from 5'-25'. Our extensions come color coded to make finding the right size fast and easy. We recommend having multiple of each size on hand, with your chosen connector ends.

  • xConnect,/EasyPlug3EasyPlug3
  • Flat Wire
  • 18 AWG Black Wire
  • UV Rated Black Round Core
  • 5 feet (1.5 Meters) Marked with Red
  • 10 feet (3 Meters) Marked with Green
  • 25 Feet (7.5 Meters) Marked with Blue
  • Wiring Diagram: Negative Indicated by White Dash

About Molded Cables:

Molded cables are created through a specialized process that allows for maximum protection of important parts. The connectors are attached to the cable and are subsequently placed into a mold. Next, the mold is closed and the plastic is injected into the cavity that surrounds the cable terminal or connector interface, providing a sealed connector. This process creates quality molded cables designed to stand the test of time.