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Dragon Controllers Pixel Tester

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When setting up your display, you need to test your equipment. The Dragon Controllers Pixels Tester is just for that purpose and is one of the easiest ways to do it!   We also include the 12v Power Supply with the tester!

From The Manufacturer:

The Dragon Bluetooth Pixel Tester is designed to provide a small, portable solution for pixel testing.  This Pixel tester comes equipped with an xConnect output, allowing you to easily connect and test your pixel strings, and you can add a 12v power supply for testing 12v pixels.  You can also connect a 5v or 24v power supply for testing 5v or 24v xConnect pixels.  

The pixel tester features Bluetooth connectivity to allow your Android or Apple phone to connect and use the testing app.  The app features over 120 lighting effects as well as brightness settings, speed settings and more.  


  • APP Remote Control via Bluetooth: Scan the QR code on product to download and install the app. Works with Android 4.4 and above / IOS 10.0 and above / Bluetooth 4.0 or later edition. Long distance remote control up to 20m without barriers, convenient to use.
  • DC5V~12V: The LED controller does not regulate the output voltage at the VCC input, so the input voltage of the controller must be equal to the working voltage of the LED strips. Use a 5V power supply for 5V LED strips, never use 12V power supply for anything other than 12V LED strips, otherwise your lights will be damaged.
  • Supported IC Chip Types: The pixel controller supports almost all the one-wire or two-wire LED driver ICs. Such as WS2811/ WS2812B/ WS2813/ SK6812RGB/ SK6812RGBW/ SK6812/ SK9822/ APA102/ LPD8806/ UCS1903 3pin male LED String Light/Panel/Strip etc. (Does not support RGB or RGBW led strips without IC)
  • Color/ Brightness/ Speed adjustment: Built-in 120 lighting effects, brightness control from 1% to 100% and speed adjustment. Can adjust the color order RGB/RBG/BRG/BGR/GRB/GBR. Select WS2811 IC to control WS2812B and WS2813. Select SK6812 to control SK6812RGB. The white channel can be adjusted individually when you connect SK6812-RGBW LED Strip.
  • User-friendly Design: Supports setting number of pixels and can control up to 1024 pixels in total. Saves user setting when power off.  Reverse connection protection. Small and convenient, the light effects are vivid and beautiful.