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Mattos Designs LLC

Dragon™ Controllers Pixel Tester

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Introducing the Dragon Bluetooth Pixel Test Controller - the ultimate solution for portable pixel testing. With an xConnect / EasyPlug output, testing your pixel strings has never been easier. Plus, you can add a 12v power supply for testing 12v pixels or connect a 5v or 24v power supply for testing 5v or 24v xConnect / EasyPlug pixels.

Connect your Android or Apple phone via Bluetooth to access the testing app, which features over 120 lighting effects, brightness control from 1% to 100%, speed adjustment, and more. With long-distance remote control up to 20m without barriers, testing your LED strips has never been more convenient.

The Dragon Bluetooth Pixel Test Controller supports almost all one-wire or two-wire LED driver ICs, including WS2811/ WS2812B/ WS2813/ SK6812RGB/ SK6812RGBW/ SK6812/ SK9822/ APA102/ LPD8806/ UCS1903 3pin male LED String Light/Panel/Strip etc. Plus, it features reverse connection protection and saves user settings when powered off.

Get the most out of your LED strips with the Dragon Bluetooth Pixel Test Controller - the user-friendly and convenient way to achieve vivid and beautiful lighting effects. Simply scan the QR code on the product to download and install the app for Android 4.4 and above / iOS 10.0 and above / Bluetooth 4.0 or later edition. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in portable pixel testing!