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Dominar X - 4 Pack

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We are moving!  Our new store is part of Learn Stage Lighting GEAR / Above AVL, and you can order these here!

The Dominar Beam X is THE premier beam for the Christmas Light industry. Featuring a bright LED source with a 1.6° beam angle, this beam light means business!...and it ships FREE to the lower 48 US States!

Dominar Beam X (4 Pack) - Includes FREE 10' True1 Power Jumpers (3) and 10' Waterproof DMX Cables (3)

The Dominar Beam X has the perfect set of features to make your life easier and simpler for you when you make your Christmas light display, starting off with our REAL Warranty:  Instead of some vague language on a sales page, we have a REAL warranty backed by REAL quality.

That means, if in the first 2 years, your fixture has any issues (not caused by physical abuse of the light, electrical strikes, etc), ship it back and repair it for you, under warranty.  In the first year, we even pay the shipping back to our US-based repair tech!  We won't just send you some parts and vague instructions and make you figure it out, nope - we fix it, and you save time, money, and energy!

REAL quality means, that while you may see other people bringing similar lights to market, you won't see anything with anywhere near the same quality level at this price.  Our team has been working with our factory for over 15 years, with paid independent quality control brought in to inspect EVERY unit we bring to you.

Next, we have our REAL longevity: It's fairly well-known in the commercial Christmas light space that the 350w/380w moving heads typically lose 50% of their brightness or more in the first 2-3 years.  Our LED engine doesn't fade significantly over the same time period.

Let's talk about REAL safety.  Do you really want to lift a 60lb+ moving head onto your roof?   The Dominar X is 26.2lbs, and significantly more compact than most 350w/380w heads as well as 230w/250w heads with domes.  Save your back, save your life!

Lastly, let's talk about REAL speed.  The Dominar X moves fast.  It has a 540 degree pan (2.1 seconds) and 220 degree Tilt (1.5 seconds), and these speeds are faster than most 230w moving heads on the market, with a very similar brightness!

In the Box:

  • (4) Dominar Beam X
  • (8) Omega Brackets
  • (4) 3' Waterproof DMX Cable
  • (4) True1 Power Input Cable
  • (3) 10' True1 Power Jumper Cable
  • (3) 10' Waterproof DMX Cable


  • Light Source: 1 x 250W High Efficiency White LED
  • Color Temperature: 11000k
  • Beam Angle: 1.6°
  • Fast 540 degree pan (2.1 seconds) and 220 degree Tilt (1.5 seconds)
  • Dimming: 0 - 100%
  • Strobe: Variable
  • Color Wheel: 13 Colors + Open
  • Gobo Wheel: 17 Gobos + Open 
  • Rainbow Filter: Motorized
  • Focus: Motorized
  • Effects: 16+8 Facet Rotating and Indexable Prism
  • Control Protocol: DMX & RDM
  • Operating Modes: DMX
  • Variable-speed, temperature-controlled Fan cooling (so your fans last a LONG time)
  • IP Grade: IP 66 Waterproof
  • CE certified
  • xLights Custom Model available for download.
  • Step-by-step how-to videos included for hookup and sequencing.
  • 3 Year US-based REAL warranty and parts stocked in the US.  No "hours limit" or "residential use only" BS. (These are the kinds of things people who don't know moving heads add to their warranties)
  • All shipping costs and tariff's included to the lower 48 States.
  • All internal and external parts are high-quality- no cheap motors, ballasts, or sensors.  This is a fixture built for the long haul.

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