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Crisp Max Snow Machine

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When you need a large snow machine with the ability to keep the pump and tank on the ground, and move the nozzle a distance away, the Crisp Max is worth a look.  It creates great snow, and is well-packaged to be easy to use.

From the Manufacturer:

Introducing Polar Crisp Max™ from Magmatic atmospheric effects, a dependable, high-output snow machine that makes it easy to create scene-setting wintry settings. Crisp Max is capable of producing high volumes of naturalistic snow with the capacity to adjust snowflake size for greater versatility. It includes a 20-liter fluid tank hidden inside a road case with durable casters for easier portability. The unit’s 10-meter long hose can be rigged on a standard truss or tripod stand and can extend up to 30 meters horizontally or vertically.

Our Top Tips:
We have a couple of quick notes for you for the best results:

1) Read the user manual. Page 10 is by FAR the most important, as it teaches you how to correctly connect the nozzle power connection (It often feels "backwards" to people to do it the correct way) and ensure the self-cleaning cycle works correctly.

2) For ANY snow machine, the fluids will begin to solidify inside the unit over long periods of storage. The manufacturer recommends running the machine every 2-3 months for at least 5 minutes to clean out the tubes.

3) If you are using it outdoors, you'll find the BEST results if you have the nozzle positioned under an underhang or otherwise protected from direct rainfall. They tend to do well outdoors, but having it covered or bagged makes them last for many years to come. Place a tarp over the base unit in the (closed) roadcase.

In the Box:

  • (1) Crisp Max
  • (1) Locking Power Cable
  • (1) Road Case
  • (1) Snow Cannon
  • (1) 10m Hose
  • (1) 10m Power Extension


  • Max Snow Distance: 39.3ft
  • Max Snow Height: 26.26ft
  • Snow Adjustment: 0-100%
  • Fan Speed: 50% or 100%
  • Tank Capacity: 20L
  • Fluid Consumption: 16.9oz/min / 500ml/min
  • Fluid Type: Water Based
  • Compatible Fluids: Atmosity Premium Snow Fluid
  • Control Protocol: DMX, RDM, optional remotes